Monday, October 9, 2017

Ignite The Light
©Anne Calzada Herbalist
Negative vibes, we feel them and sense them. Why do we pick up on it? We are intuitive empathetic beings and some of us are more affected than others. When you are in a balanced state of being, you are able to shield off and deflect negativity, sometimes without even knowing it. Other times it can feel like you are a human sponge, just absorbing everything around you in the ethers! Some of you are empathic and intuitive. Some are logical and non emotional. Some of us are a combination of both! Either way, cleansing the energetic field feels super good for everyone!

Just grounding yourself in stillness, listening to the inhale and exhale of your breath is healing enough. It is the action of taking time out for YOU that is healing. Oxygen within itself is purifying. Prayer and spiritual connection is paramount. Connect your heartbeat with the Universe and expand your health and wealth.

Drinking water detoxifies you physically, but also cleanses you psychically. Water is a conduit and we are electromagnetic beings. Keeping glands and nerves charged. Water helps replenish energetic reserves. It increases your intuition.

Nature restores immediately and naturally. Walking barefoot, sitting at the base of a Tree, laying out on the ground. Touching the Earth. Being out with nature.The Earth will drain out negative energy and infuse you with a positive charge. You can always use a cord down the spine to drain into the center of the Earth to ground you and cleanse you.

Herbs to drink tea with. Herbs to bathe in. Herbs to eat with. Choose your modality of plant medicines. They increase nutrient and mineral intake. This increases health, immunity, emotion, energy etc...Smudging, burning and cleansing your environment with herbs will not only remove toxic vibrations, but they actually fumigate the room with antiseptic properties  in the form of antimicrobial action. Basically it means they help ward off germs! Herbal teas like nettles, oatstraw, red clover, dandelion all make great infusions! Sage, lavender, sagebrush, cedar, sweetgrass or palo santo all make great smudges!

Sea Salt Bath
Add a cup of sea salt to your bathwater. It removes congestion from the aura. Add essential oils of your choice as a healthy upgrade! Lavender is calming. Rosemary is stimulating. Patchouli is grounding and aphrodisiac, although it may not appeal to you! Personally, I adore it! Pine is refreshing and grounding...aromatherapy anyone? Roses, lavender, rosemary, calendula and the mints make nice baths! Bundle some of your favorites from your garden and soak out!

Crystals are very effective in dealing with auric shields, imbalances and increasing energetic awareness. Black tourmaline and hematite are great for shielding against negative vibes. Amethyst, turquoise, lapis and rose quartz are calming and soothing. Remember that quartz is electrifying and magnifying!

Sleep is super important for psychic detoxification. Cleansing the brain and subconsciousness of imprints is vital. We need to take a break from stimulation. We need to chill in silence sometimes. The body will repair itself during times of rest, promoting homeostasis. Sometimes a good nap can be all tat we need to feel alert and energized.

Circulating your blood will help you shake off negative vibes. Most literally. Running, yoga, swimming, hiking, hula hooping...whatever! Moving the lymphatic system. Movement stimulates and detoxifies, making you feel refreshed and alive.

We all need Love and affection. The very act of hugging someone we Love is enough to transmute the energy right there! Exchanging human interaction is important. There are many different types of affection that we experience as humans. Communication and the very act of just being there is is comforting and supportive. Our family, friends or Lovers all play a part in the health and happiness of our lives. Pets help too as they bring unconditional Love to you.

Making your home space as soothing as possible. Infusing your place with Love and gratitude. What feels calming to you? Sunlight, plants, crystals, candles, religious or spiritual items or pictures? Your home is your temple. You should feel peaceful in the home, able to rest and rejuvenate.

Wishing You Many Blessings!
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 Love You Guys!
Anne xo