Friday, May 11, 2018

Red Clover
© By Anne Calzada Herbalist 
Red Clover is pretty big medicine for a pretty little plant that people often like to remove from the yard or garden!!!
Let's learn some sweet ways that will inspire you to work with Red Clover.
Red Clover
Trifolium pratense
It is the classic 3 leaved clover with a white stripe on the leaves. We use the flowers.
Red Clover is alterative, antioxidant, expectorant, galactagouge, phyto hormones, anti tumor, anti cancer.
This plant is mineral rich with phyto estrogens, coumarins and vitamins.
Red clover is known for cleansing the blood. It is used in major anti cancer formulas like the Hoxey Formula. It retards the growth. Red Clover detoxifies. It is also known to promote fertility in women, probably due to it's natural hormonal balancing properties infused into the reproductive system. It regulates menstruation. Women have used this plant to get pregnant forever. Menopausal symptoms are soothed with Red Clover. It reduces hot flashes and night sweating. It is a cooling plant, energetically.
Red Clover is an expectorant as well. It is moistening and lubricating to mucous membranes. This helps the lungs to expect and clear. Loaded with minerals and nutrients, the infusion rebuilds the body. Being rich in coumarin, it thins the blood, so good for cardiac congestion, but not so good during surgery or if you have menorrhagia. 
Red Clover is surrounded with magic. It is a very protective plant that likes to induce sight. Inner sight, intuitive insight. RC induces a calm energy field around the person. Protected and calm in the face of fear or trauma. It has been used in Love blessings, potions, spells and amulets to increase and Love and to induce oneself into the realms of Love.
Do not use during pregnancy or a week before surgeries. 

THE Red Clover Infusion
1 cup Red Clover Blossoms
Boiling H20
In a quart jar, pour the h20 over the blossoms, cap and infuse for at least 4 hours. Strain and enjoy!
 Love, Anne xo