Monday, February 5, 2018

Got Grief Get God
  ©Anne Calzada Herbalist
The Generator
The Organizer
The Destructor
of the Universe.
After loss, it is time to grieve. After they die or leave, it is time to heal from this experience. Someone can be a person or an animal that you loved or you felt for. Maybe they were your family member or a family pet that was more like a family member.
 It doesn't matter. 
They were someone you loved.
I know it hurts and you will never forget them. You GET to stay here and LIVE, as painful as it may seem at the time, for GOD has your purpose and plan, even when you think you do and know it all and have it all figured out. When things change, it can be traumatic. For ANYONE.  I understand and I am here to help you out with some beautiful guidance and practices so that you may be infused with more Love, light and peace.
 I have some Blessings for you to consider!!!
Do you have support? 
People that you can fully open up with. You may need to talk, cry, scream or yell or maybe you just need a hug. Maybe you would like to take a walk and get out. This is vital when you are sad. Its important for you to know that you are not alone on this Earth walk. You should know that GOD is ALL WAYS with you.  Always remember to think, feel and speak kindly of yourself. You are your number one fan. You did the best you can, no matter. Remember your perception and harness that mind! Remember to forgive yourself and others. Remember to get up and get out. Remember to never give up or give in. I am for very real.
Are you drinking enough water?
Ya gotta stay hydrated, especially when you are dealing with trauma, sadness, fear, grief, PTSD, anxiety, depression...whatever. Water will keep the channels of the body flowing, so that energy does not build up and become stagnant, toxic or even permanent. This makes you feel worse. Trust me. You need your electrical system to be charged, not depleted.
Are you eating?
So important to not shut down and give up. The body is a machine or a temple and we need to to bless it with proper fuel and nourishment. Easy things to eat or make for yourself when you are sad are:
Crock Pot Meals
Stuff like that and have your tribe help you if you need it.
When I went through my sadness with a hurt family member, I could not eat. It was literally the most devastating experience of my life. It was all I could do to practice yoga, but I believe that my faith in GOD ALL WAYS manifests blessings upon me. GOD gives me the fuel to get up and be grateful and happy everyday. And it is true what they say that times heals you, because I have more joy each day. It was just so hard to exist at that time. Just doing daily stuff can be exhausting. I'm not the type to lay in bed feeling sorry for myself. I just had no appetite and just wanted to lay down outside on the ground in the Sun. I also just wanted chicken broth or kefir if I had to. I have some pretty amazing friends and family that came over to help me with whatever I needed at that time. You may need help with paperwork or the kids, maybe the house, car or yard. Maybe you just need a massage or a pedi! Maybe you just really need to sleep safely, soundly and peacefully , cleansing your subconscious, boosting cellular activity and restoring your nervous system. 
Are you moving your body? 
Vital. You know this. Ya gotta circulate. You have to get up and work it, do not stagnate. So find something that you enjoy. I am a yoga teacher, so I def encourage finding a good class! Walking, anything!

The Sun
All I wanted to do when I was sad was to lay out in the Sun and be warm. Lots of fires in the fireplace. Basically heat is comforting and relaxing to all beings. Allow negative energy and hurt to just drain into the ground. 

If you can get out with Nature everyday, even for 5 minutes. If you can lay down or sit on the Earth, even better. Let all of the tension residue drop out of your spine back down into the Earth and allow yourself to be refilled with Love. 
Can you sing? Sing, speak, yell or practice your mantras. These will help immensely in transforming the energy through quicker. Work your pranayama because the lungs and heart chakra will need the extra clearing and balancing. Can you write in your journal or write a letter to your loved one?
Is there anything that you need to get rid of, do or say? Maybe writing it down and burning it, especially at the full Moon. Burning things can really help you release alot of toxicity that ya just don't need. Burning is a great initiation of transformation of energy.
Cleansing the auric field in an herbal bath. Keep cleansing yourself. Let it go down the drain. Water is a conduit and a healer. Let it help you feel better! 
This is such a totally no brainer, but we are spiritual beings in the physical. 
Connect with the Divine.
The Remedies 
Roses, rose oil and rose tea seriously helped me keep my heart open and to feel joy. I needed something powerful, yet light. This is the rose.
Chamomile would help me sleep at night. I would make a big pot of tea and then add into the bath for a nice chamomile tub tea.  
Lavender baths are always big water medicine for me. 
In many forms, has been my ally.
I smudge regularly. It helps cleanse the negative energy vibrations into peaceful ones.
Recuse Remedy Bach Flower Essence
A vibrational remedy that is indicated for shock, trauma, grief, stress or scare. This flower essence helps to soothe your soul. It is the most famous blend of all the flower essences.
A homeopathic remedy for grieving. Indicated sadness and sighing alot.
Natrum muriaticum 
A homeopathic remedy for grieving. Indicated for sadness and crying alot.

Grounding Essential Oils

Uplifting Essential Oils
Calming Essential Oils
Anahata Tea Blend
2 part Hawthorn 
1 part Roses
1/4th part Rosehips
1/4th part Peppermint
This blend will help to activate the heart center. Grief can settle in the lungs and this tea blend will stimulate and nourish this area of your body.  

Lavender Amethyst Bath
1 cup of Sea Salt
1 tsp. of lavender Essential Oil
Amethyst Crystal
This blend will calm your emotions and physical body and send you into lullaby land!
Turmeric Tonic
1 part Turmeric Powder
1/4th part Cayenne Powder
1/4th part Ginger Powder
This blend will add some fire to your diet. It will help to reduce inflammation and pain, increasing circulation and assimilation. 
Just Nettles Tea
1/2 cup of Nettles or more
1 quart of boiling water
Pour over the herb, put the lid on and infuse for at least 4 hours. 
The basic, the bomb, the original. Loaded with minerals, cleansing, nourishing and super rebuilding. This plant is fire and water. It balances the water element. It is on the Herbalist's script for the convalescing. 

Superhero Tonic
1 part Kelp Powder
1 part Hemp Nuts
1 part Flax Seeds
1 part Chia Seeds
1/4 part Cinnamon Powder
Blend together. Add a sprinkle to any dish to infuse nutrients into the body. This blend is mineral rich, full of essential fatty acids. It rebuilds the body. 

If you cant be grateful for your heartbeat, then you need help, I am serious. Life is a gift. All we have is right now. This very present moment.
Be here now.
You will create many beautiful things with your time on Earth!!!
Thank you for being here!
Love and Blessings All Ways Possible, 
Anne xo