Thursday, January 4, 2024

 Thyme Is On My Side

 Ⓒ By Anne Calzada Herbalist


Thymus vulgaris


Thyme is one of my favorite herbs. It is predominantly known as a culinary herb, however, just like all of our herbs it has way more to offer than just that. I have used it through the years for several infections. I have always known Thyme in the kitchen and the garden as I grew up with it. It is always growing in my garden and stocked in the spice cabinet. 

Thyme is another pandemic plant, meaning that it grows all over. It is easy to grow. Use the leaves for cooking with. There are also other varieties for cooking such as Lemon Thyme. I use Thyme with soups, meats, salad dressings, my Italian dishes etc...

It is antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, antiparasitic, antitussive, carminative, decongestant, emmenagogue, rubefacient, vulnerary, immune tonic. It is a warm plant that is aromatic and stimulating to the body.  Thyme was one of the main herbs used in the famous "four thieves" formula that was used for safety by thieves during the black plague. 

I once used it to clear a severe hookworm infection on a foot. At that time I used Thyme essential oil. Thyme essential oil is very powerful. Always dilute before application directly to the skin. I will say in this case, since the infection was on the side of the foot, we did not dilute it and it effectively killed this parasitic infection. 

I have also used it to clear a bacterial infection in the lungs, however I used the tincture of thyme in this case. Thyme has an infinity for the respiratory system, and I believe that it is good medicine for the lungs. It cleanses them of pathogens and helps to soothe the lungs during expectation of phlegm and mucous. The perfect plant for bronchial conditions such as asthma or allergenic inflammation. It is good for bronchitis, laryngitis, colds, flu, coughing, sore throats. Thyme is great for digestion. It is a carminative, so it will help to digest fats and dispel flatulence if you use it in cooking. 

As a medicinal tea, it can be used as a wound wash, so you can take a bath with a bundle of Thyme. Use Thyme tea as a hair rinse if you have dandruff issues. It is antifungal, so it will heal the scalp. Soaking in Thyme is good as a sitz bath if you need healing in the perineum are of the body, it will heal and remove infections like yeast making it very helpful to both women and men. 

Thyme is a revered healing plant. It is used not only physically, but also spiritually. It is used in embalming the dead. It is used in honoring the ancestors. It is known as a protective plant. It is burned as an incense or a smudge to both cleanse negative energies and to also invite good energies for consecration. The ancient Greeks knew of this and would use it in their temples. Many cultures of people use Thyme. It is known for instilling courage, strength and power to its user. Thyme flower essence encourages courage and bravery. 

Ancient tales of faeries always surround this plant. It is said that they live in and around wherever Thyme is planted. That planting Thyme will bring good luck to those who plant it because the faeries will use their magic to protect anyone who provide for them!

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