Sunday, February 5, 2017

Hello Lover
 © Anne Calzada Herbalist
Love, Love, Love... is there really anything else? We want, need it, crave it and can't live without it! Well guess what? You deserve it too! I believe that we attract what we are, what we vibrate. The power of our energy sent forth and out into the Universe. I have experienced this both positively and negatively. Knowing this will help keep you "in check" with yourself on a moment to moment basis. So yeah, back to Love...
More Love now. Love yourself and all of the ways that this entails. I mean really fall in Love with yourself and see what happens. How do you feel when you are in Love? Happy. Blessed. Hopeful. You can feel this way everyday because feelings are choices that we make. Help yourself out. Pour some Love on it. Seriously. Stay in Love. Everyday, keep adding more Love into the ethers!!! 
And yes, Valentine's Day is everyday, however February 14th is also celebrated as International Sex Day, so why not? ... here are a few offerings from my Herbal Aphrodisiac eBook.  It has so much healing information in it from foods, yoga, crystals, essential oils, herbs, sexuality and 40 recipes!!! 
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 Rose Whipped Cream
1 Pint of Heavy Cream
Sweetener of choice.
Whip up into cream and add 1 to 2 drops of pure Rose absolute.
Try Lavender, Orange or Jasmine!
Sensuality Essential Oil Blend Male
2 Part Sandalwood
2 Part Vanilla
Men like the sensuous scent of this blend! It smells good on them or you!

Sensuality Essential Oil Blend Female

2 Part Clary Sage
1 Part Jasmine
1 Part Rose
1 Part Ylang Ylang
A little something for the Goddess!

 Svadhistana Tea
2 Part Orange Peel
½ Part Clove
Pinch Of Cinnamon
Oranges stimulate Svadhistana, which is the 2nd chakra. Opens the energetics of sensuality.
Happy Loving Lovers and remember...Love really is all you need!
Love, Anne xo  

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